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June Savings 15% Off plus FREE SHIPPING on orders $99+. No coupon needed. Only one promotion per order. Ends 6/22/2024 at midnight!

Trend Watch: Bang'in Hair Edition

May 14th 2024

Embrace a Commitment Free Change
with Clip-In Bangs

Timeless and Trendy

In the ever-evolving world of fashion, certain trends come and go, but one timeless style statement that seems to always find its way back into the spotlight is bangs. From classic curtain bangs to bold blunt cuts, bangs have been a staple in hairstyling for decades. But what is it about bangs that makes them such a perennial trend?

Don’t try this at home!

For starters, bangs have a transformative power that can instantly change the look and feel of a hairstyle. They frame the face, add dimension, and can even camouflage certain features, making them a versatile option for anyone looking to switch up their look without making a drastic change. Plus, with the rise of social media and the influence of celebrities and online influencers, bangs have become more accessible and mainstream than ever before. People were cutting their own bangs and posting it everywhere! So before you go cutting your own bangs, Uptown Wigs has you covered with a fashionable, easy, non-permanent solution.

Channeling Your Inner Confidence

But the appeal of bangs goes beyond just aesthetics. Many people find that bangs can also boost their confidence and self-expression. Whether it's channeling their inner rockstar with edgy fringe or exuding retro charm with vintage-inspired bangs, there's a bangs style for every personality and preference.

Commitment Free!

In our latest trend watch, we're shining the spotlight on bangs and showcasing three must-have products to help you rock this timeless trend with confidence. From the effortless elegance of the Heat-friendly Synthetics Line, the Bang and Ponytail Loui Hairpiece and the Fendy Bang and Ponytail by Vivica Fox to the luxurious versatility of the Kelsy Band and Bun by Vivica Fox, we've got everything you need to embrace the fringe craze and elevate your hairstyle game.Updating your look has never been this easy! Whether you want a full fabulous bang or a sultry side fringe, these heat-friendly bang hairpieces from the Vivica Fox Bang Collection gives you all that and more. These hairpieces make it easier to produce beautiful salon styles faster than you can say fringe craze! The heat-friendly synthetic fibers not only curl well but also hold the curls longer to keep the hair looking beautiful. The fiber allows you to style it in many ways. Oh and the best thing, no more waiting for your bangs to grow out. These perfectly cut bangs are commitment free. No more haircut remorse!

Bang and Ponytail Loui Heat-Friendly Synthetic Hairpiece  Bang and Ponytail Fendy Heat-Friendly Synthetic Hairpiece Kelsy Bang and Bun Heat Friendly Bun

So why wait? Join the bangs brigade and discover the transformative power of fringe today. Whether you're a longtime bangs enthusiast or a newcomer to the trend, there's never been a better time to rock this classic hairstyle staple. Trust us – with bangs, the possibilities are endless, and the results are always fabulous!

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