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12 Popular 90's Hairstyles That Made an Epic Comeback

12 Popular 90's Hairstyles That Made an Epic Comeback

Aug 30th 2019

I was head over heels to hear certain hairstyles from this decade are coming back into style. It's great to hear some of these styles are alive and well. 90's hairstyles really hold a near and dear place in our hearts. Here are 12 popular 90's hairstyles that are making an epic comeback. Click the pictures to get the look.

  1. Faux Bangs
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    Aaliyah's trademark hairstyle was a swept bang that fell over her left eye. Accomplish Aaliyah's bangs by using a flat iron on human hair bangs.

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  3. Wispies
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    Tia and Tamara Mowry, the iconic twin duo from the 90's TV show Sister, Sister, are known for their family friendly comedy, but hairstyles were a big part of the show as well. Stringy, wisps and spikes, in addition to tightly twisted-back bangs were totally in!

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  5. Headwraps
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    Erykah Badu is not only known for her music, but her sense of style as well. She loves wearing extremely tall headwraps as a fashion statement and to protect her hair. Shop our care products to continue to strengthen your hair.

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  7. High Braids
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    Beyoncé looks amazing in any hairstyle. She loves to change up her hair and the time she wore high braids, the fans roared with approval.

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  9. Box Braids
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    Janet Jackson's famous jumbo box braids give us life. She looks stunning with topping her outfit off with a kangol hat and hooped earrings.

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  11. Micro Braids
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    We love Brandy's microbraids with a passion. This super natural style gives her a youthful look.

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  13. The Crimp
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    Tyra completely rocked the crimped hairstyle. Today, the trend is to have a few crimps in colored hair.

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  15. Candy Curls
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    Mary J. Blige looks so gorgeous in this hairstyle. The candy curls were popular in the 90's. These full, defined curls are truly amazing. You can add volume to this look any way you like.

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  17. Feathered Bangs
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    Whitney Houston completes her hairstyle with feathered bangs. This 90's look was one of the many that was worn casually and dressed up throughout the decade.

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  19. Layered Haircut
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    Oprah's short, layerd haircut has many iconic moments on The Oprah Winfrey Show. Her hairstyle was one of the most popular for older women in their 40's and 60's.

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  21. The Spiked Pixie
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    Halle Berry is one of those people that can pull off any hairstyle, but we do miss her spiked pixie look she wore back in the 90's. She completed her look with cool, tinted shades. This photo is giving us so many flashbacks.

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  23. The Tight Updo
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    JLo delivered an outstanding performance playing Selena in the 1997 film Selena. She always knows how to wear her hair in tight updos and look fabulous.

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